Kanye West: Worst-to-Best Albums

From an artistic standpoint, Kanye is the best hip-hop has ever seen. He treats his albums like they’re works of art, and has one of the best catalogs in hip-hop. Not all of his albums have been great, though. So I’ma list them from my least favorite to my favorite all-time Yeezy album.


6th Place: Yeezus  At the bottom of the list is Ye’s most recent album, Yeezus. I anticipated the fuck out of this album ever since he started playing “New Slaves” on the sides of buildings. But honestly, it didn’t really live up to the hype to me. I’ve heard critics call this his best album, and that really confuses me. Alot of this album is just weird to me. Other than “New Slaves”, “Black Skinhead”, and “I’m in It”, none of the remaining songs get my stamp of approval. It’s not a bad album, I just don’t care for it.


5th Place: 808s & Heartbreak  2nd to last is Ye’s 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreak. This is just an album that I just couldn’t really get into. He was going through alot personally around this time (the worst being his mom dying. R.I.P) , so he made a darker, more emotional project. The songwriting was cool. I liked “Love Lockdown”, “Heartless”, and “Welcome to Heartbreak”, but I wasn’t crazy about any of the other songs off of this album. I wanted to hear more rap, because a producer and a rap artist are the two things that I will always look at Kanye as. The beats were fantastic, but overall, the music was just ok to me.


4th Place: The College Dropout This is when the albums on the list become great. This is one of the best debut albums ever to be made by a rapper. The College Dropout changed rap back in ’04, when the game was basically filled with nothing but gangsta rap. This album just sounded so unique, and made it cool to be. “Jesus Walks” is a classic, and to me was the highlight of the album. As good as this project was. Kanye was determined to out-do his debut.


3rd Place: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy  The bronze medal goes to his 2010 album. I wasn’t too crazy about this one when I first heard it, because even though he returned to making more rap music, it didn’t have that type of style his first three albums did. Then the more I listened, I started to like the style-change. On a lyrical level, this is Kanye at his best. I loved damn-near every song on this project, with “Power” and “Gorgeous” being personal favorites. As dope as this one was, I still don’t consider his best overall album.


2nd Place: Late Registration Coming in an extremely close second is Late Registration.  This is the Super-Saiyan version of The College Dropout. The beats were improved, the lyrics were better, the song construction was better. The growth he showed on his 2nd album was great. He had the hit, “Gold Digger”, had some more personal songs like “Heard ‘Em Say” and “Roses”, and had one of my favorite Kanye songs, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”. For a while I thought this was Ye’s best album, but he still managed to out-do himself.


1st Place: Graduation Finally, first place goes to the album that was supposed to make 50 Cent retire. This is the closest he’s ever gotten to making a perfect album. I don’t even think there’s anything bad I can say about this one. The beats were amazing, his delivery was at it’s best, the songs were extremely well crafted and just had so much energy. The celebratory style of music on here sounds like it could really be played at graduations. Songs like “I Wonder”, “Champion”, and “Good Life” had me feeling like I could take on the world n whatnot. Sometimes I wonder if Kanye will ever make a better album than this.


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